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Abvent releases new Artlantis Media CD-ROMs

These three new CDs introduce templates for realistic human figures in both business and casual clothing as well as a new realistic plant library. All for Artlantis Render.


Created from the aXYZ Design Collection, Animated People Business 1 and Animated People Casual 3 CDs, are for both animations and still images. In Artlantis, users can set built-in behaviors of these objects with a simple drag-and-drop. Each CD includes ten (10) 3D human models with 5 pre-calculated behaviors each. There is also room to change the color of their clothing as well as their faces, for each character has about 3,000 faces to choose from.

3D Asian Trees CD was developed by Abvent and Bionatics. It is the next edition of one of the most realistic plant library available to designers and architects. The reason they claim to be most realistically simulated is because each plant, bark, and leaf are based on the natural genetic coding of plants. This CD includes 57 trees along with 20 different species of various ages.

What is exciting about these CDs is that technology is enabling designers, architects, and animators to have a ever growing selection of options to simulate real life. People have always wanted to replicate real life, in art, animation and architecture. A simple doll house or still-life are examples of such joys brought to humans by the very act of simulation. These CDs represent a step closer to obtaining realism in the virtual world of the computer. And that is a very exciting thing!

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