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Tips for Running SolidWorks on your Mac

SolidSmack has a story on how to run Windows-only MCAD software SolidWorks on your Intel Mac Computer.

Advertisement has an interesting post on tips for running SolidWorks on your Macintosh (Intel only) computer. 

SolidWorks veteran and Mac user Ben Eadie, has shared his step-by-step instructions for installing and using SolidWorks on your Mac, including a process to hacking your video card’s driver software so that you can also run RealView. 


SolidWorks on the Mac

SolidWorks on the Mac

The post also notes that if you don’t want to hack your driver software you can “send Ben a beer” and he’ll send you the driver software for installation. The step-by-step instructions include:

  • Install Bootcamp on your Mac (standard install on all new Macs)
  • Reboot and install Windows (XP or Vista recommended)
  • Install SolidWorks and MS Office (yes you need MS Office)
  • You are done! 
To learn more and access contact with Ben Eadie for the hacked driver click here on this link. 

Reader Comments

  1. Posted by:
    Tom Fenn
    January 6, 2009 11:34 am EST

    This isn’t exactly ‘news’ is it? I mean the link to the original article is also several months old now. It seems all very silly running SW’s on what basically is a PC in Apple clothing (Bootcamp)? PC users who have never used OSX continually fail to understand that it isn’t necessarily the Mac’s great looks that make the system so desirable, but the Mac’s operating system OSX! Therefore what we Mac users want is Solidworks, native, running in OSX!

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