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MWSF: Punch releases Home and Landscape Design Studio

Punch continues its push further into Mac CAD software territory with popular home and landscape design application suite.


Home and Landscape Design Studio is a completely new product from Punch! Software. It aims to be the simplest method of building an end-product for the user, while maintaining and expanding a richly featured set.  Here’s how the new features are going to attempt to do just that.

First of all there is a QuickStart system that allows a user to build a home quickly. The software means to help their users save time and money. It claims to be simple and to the point, having over 100 minutes of tutorials. Though it is not quite BIM for home owners there are “Going Green” services which offer key information to building with energy efficiency. It also has a completely new and updated object library for more realistic 3D modeling, support services in both the physical sense as well as access to millions of 3D objects through Google SketchUp. The list of new features is extensive

The software has been completely reworked and looked at for what exactly home and landscape designers need. This process can be tricky. Key top features include a QuickStart feature set to get users up and going as quickly as possible, Google 3D support to enable the import of millions of 3D objects, and finally eco-friendly “green building” tips and ideas for saving energy. 

To learn more visit Punch online here.

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