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MWSF: New Builder Pro add-on for MacDraft Pro announced

On Jan. 5. 2009 Microspot Ltd. announced that Alan J Maki’s Builder Pro sample plans and symbol libraries will be released as an add-on to MacDraft Professional, the 2D CAD drafting and architectural drawing software.


Since 1985, Alan J. Maki, the owner of Beyond Basics Drafting & Design, has extensively designed his own Builder Pro libraries aiming for a smoother, faster design process. During his 10-15 hour work week, he can produce an average of 160 new home and remodeling plans using MacDraft and his legendary libraries. 

By some hefty persuasion I’m sure, Microspot has finally convinced Alan to give Builder Pro the rights to his libraries. So now when you open Builder Pro there will be the 15 years of Alan’s work, the very key to his unique success. 

Robert Coulling Managing director of Microspot said, “We are excited to be able to offer the benefit of Alan’s years of experience with MacDraft to our users to help them to design home plans in the fastest possible time.  Builder Pro is the perfect add on to MacDraft for home designers, contractors and builders that wish to submit plans to customers or for permitting.  We intend to continue working with Alan to further improve and refine the system in the future.”

In these massive libraries are 100’s of his common library items for plan, elevation, sectional views and more. There are even two finished sample plans and a sample plan book containing over 150 sample plans in attempt to provoke even more ideas. As if having a library of templates and design ideas wasn’t enough.

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