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MWSF: Keynote Coverage – Live

Architosh’s Live Keynote Coverage.


We are inside the keynote hall and it is one minute before 9am. The wifi is sketchy in here but we will attempt our best to cover the show. 

Live Keynote 

9am – Live music and people sitting…

9:04 – the music continues but the lights are dimming…

9:05 – Phil takes the stage to huge applause…phil is showing the latest Apple stores around the world and how wonderful they are. A glowing a commendation about Apple’s stores. 3.4 million visitors per week in Apple Stores around the world, far more contact with Apple than Macworld Expos, Phil says. 

Phil says the Mac has had a resurgence and contact with the customers that is huge. 

Last fiscal year we sold 9.7 million Macs by growing more than twice as fast as the rest of the industry. I am paraphrasing Phil for the most part.

Phil says there are three new things today. iLife ’09 is the first thing. People buy Macs because of iLife Phil says. So what is new?

Thing 1 – Brand new version of iPhoto in iLife 09. 

9:08 – Phil is talking about Events in the past version but they are introducing Faces. This will work somewhat like Facebook. Using Face Detection. iPhoto will learn how to recognize faces. iPhoto asks to confirm faces by confirming to the engine what a person looks like. Next iPhoto adds Places. It uses GPS geotagging and these new GPS chips are found in cameras and cell phones which will embed the geotag to the photo file.

What about older photos? Well iPhoto can now add event location data to older photos taken without a camera or phone with a geotagging capability. The maps looks beautiful. iPhoto 09 gets its maps from Google Maps and uses satellite views as well. Crowd loves it!

iPhoto has both new Facebook and Flicr support. The Facebook support is amazing as you can tag people in iPhoto 09 for Facebook and sync to Facebook, if someone completes info up on Facebook because they know the names of folks you don’t, that’s good too because that info comes down to iPhoto automatically. 

Phil is showing amazing new animation capabilities for slide shows. And new Photobooks now have maps that come in automatically. Pretty sweet stuff going on here!

9:22 – Phil is demoing iPhoto 09 and the face recognition technology! And then Maps. This is really a great upgrade!

9:29 – Phil is introducing the new iMovie 09…Now you can create 2D and 3D maps of your travels to include in your movie.

Randy Ubillos, chief architect of iMovie is now showing iMovie 09. The new interface is more pro like. Has fantastic new audio editing capabilities built right in. iMovie 09 has some new UI (user interface) technology where there is animation of the changes in UI configuration. The lower section is completely different than previous version but still very accessible. 

The crowd is clapping about some amazing new video stabilization technology. The UI is unfolding with new HUD (head’s up display), the new iMovie does realtime rendering and realtime image stabilization all simultaneously.

Garageband introduces some amazing new technology for learning how to play music. The new lessons are truly cool and feature Grammy Award winning artists. And then you can buy and download future lessons. 

The Second Thing – iWork 09

9:50 – Phil going over new Keynote in new iWork. New chart animations and brand new themes for keynote. There is a new Keynote Remote application that enables your iPhone to setup Keynote to use as your iPhone as a remote control. It is really amazing! The new Pages has dynamic linking between data in Numbers and Pages. MathType and EndNote is now supported. There are several new dozen new templates for flyers, newsletters, certificates, etc. 

Phil is now talking about Numbers. This year Numbers is a more powerful filled out spreadsheet.

New product called an Mac Box Set, includes Leopard, iLife and iWork. 

Phil is talking about This is a new service from Apple that enables you to share your iWork documents with others so they can both view them, annotate them and use them for collaboration. iWork is really a online collaboration environment that looks like iWork inside a browser. It is the beginning of a new service, starting out in beta form and customers can help Apple tune it and make it the way Apple customers want it. 

The Third Thing – New 17 inch MacBook Pro

10:11 – Phil is talking about the glowing reviews on the new 13 and 15 inch MacBooks and MacBook Pros. The new 17 inch MacBook Pro is the world’s thinnest and lightest in its size class.

New anti-glare option because pro users don’t want the glare sometimes. ExpressCard 34 support. The new glass track pad is now 40 percent larger. You can program it and it supports all the latest new touch gestures. Up to 8 GBs of memory. Both GeForce card options (integrated and extra chip). 

The most innovative and greatest new feature is the new battery. Phil is now running a video where the Apple engineers explain their innovation. The new Apple battery can last 8 hours on a single charge. And it can be charged over 1000 times. The battery is 40 percent larger. Apple has its own engineers and scientist specializing in research on batteries. Customizing new battery technologies to form batteries that are more space efficient. Apple is clearly developing innovative new batteries….

Could Apple be working on battery technologies for Green Tech? 

Architosh said more than a year ago that Apple’s new product line emerging in the future is all about Green Design or Energy. 

Apple is always looking to make its products greener.

10:20 – Video is ending….crowd is clapping enthusiastically about Apple’s new advanced new battery technology.

Phil is getting near the close. Talking up Apple’s greeness…

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