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PointWise’s Gridgen for Mac – Hybrid Meshing Made Faster

Pointwise introduces latest version of Gridgen for Mac, Windows, Linux and Unix platforms – possible to install on Intel Macs, runs as X11 app under PowerPC-G5 workstations or better.


Fort Worth, Texas-based Pointwise, has announced the latest release of their Gridgen software for engineers and scientists to create high-quality 3-dimensional grids for engineering analysis. 

Gridgen is Pointwise’s flagship product and the latest release offers improved performance for anisotropic tetrahedral extrusion technique for highly-automated, high-quality, hybrid mesh generation for computational fluid dynamics. 

By optimizing the anisotropic-isotropic blending algorithm and triangle-triangle intersections used for collision detection, the overall mesh generation time was reduced by up to a factor of 7.2. At the same time, a new algorithm for combining tetrahedra into prisms reduces a mesh’s overall cell count by up to 41% over previous releases.

Gridgen works on all major platforms including Windows, Linux, Mac and UNIX. Current support on Mac is limited to PowerPC G5-based computers, running Panther or higher (OS X 10.3+) and requires X11 and an Nvidia GeForce GPU or better. Intel Macs are not yet fully supported but there are directions here on the Pointwise website.

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