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Cheetah 3D News: Five Years Old and Winners

Cheetah 3D Turns Five Years Old and Annual Rendering Contest Winners Announced.


Cheetah 3D is now five years old as of December 1, 2008. To celebrate Martin Wengenmayer, its developer, has announced a special 5-year anniversary offer on Cheetah 3D. Promoting it as self-given Christmas gift…perhaps you can learn more at the Cheetah 3D website. 

Martin Wengenmayer has also announced the winners of the 5th annual Cheetah 3D rendering contest. First prize went to Luke Bochinelli who won an iPhone, Cheetah 3D, plus the Unity Indie software. Second prize went to Ian McPhee who won Unity Indie plus Cheetah 3D. And third prize went to Satoru Imatake, who won a subscription to 3D World Magazine and Cheetah 3D.

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