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Animech Technologies brings 3D to Mac

Animech Technologies of Sweden brings interactive 3D software technologies to the Macintosh and Windows platforms – Enhances product buying processes.


From Uppsala, Sweden, Animech Technologies has announced the launch of a new version of its aniDemo software for Mac and Windows. 


The new version of aniDemo is improved to work on both Mac and Windows machines and is now compatible with all major Web browsers, covering more than 99 percent of the Internet today. By using standard web formats no additional plugin or programs are needed. New functionalities include play/pause during running animations and an impressive user interface. 

aniDemo is made for industrial companies that want to boost sales via the improved quality of product demonstrations online. All 3D content is easily created using a highly automated process reusing existing 3D CAD data. This produces a single-sourced, produced compact file from multiple data type inputs. The authoring process is completed in just a few hours.

aniDemo puts 3D CAD content online for better customer interaction.

aniDemo puts 3D CAD content online for better customer interaction.

aniDemo is a standalone product built around the same core technologies as aniDim3nsion and aniPart. Authored materials can be reused across all three platforms. 

Animech Technologies is now looking for agencies interested in providing the aniDemo solution to their customers, or implementing the functionality in their software solutions.

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