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Tidbits: Mathematica 7 and VM Fusion 2.0.1

Mac CAD and 3D Tidbits: Wolfram updates Mathematica to version 7 with over 500 new features and VMware updates Fusion to 2.0.1 – adds performance update


Mathematica 7 – Vector field visualization and new spline-based NURBS features

Wolfram Research has introduced Mathematica 7, the latest version of its mathematical and computation software program for Mac OS X and other platforms. The new software includes over 500 new features including built-in image processing and analysis. 

Other key improvements include built-in parallel computing, new visualization and graphics capabilities — including comprehensive spline support and the representation of industrial NURBS surfaces.

New support for industrial NURBS

New support for industrial NURBS

New image processing capabilities.

New image processing capabilities.

Mathematica 7 can adds a variety of computable data sources including the complete human genome, weather, astronomical data and GIS and geodesy data. 

Lastly, one key new feature is the new integrated programmatic email features, allowing you to construct any form of email including graphics, sounds and other attachments and to manage recipients and lists programmatically. To learn more click here.

VMware Fusion 2.0.1 Gets Performance Boost

Hot on the heels of Parallel’s new Parallels Desktop 4 for Mac, VMware has updated Fusion to version 2.0.1 adding a new performance boost. The new release will begin to ship Friday and will include a performance boost due to better CPU utilization and the patching of several previously unresolved issues. 

Other improvements focus on better performance when running 3D applications (including games and applications like Google Earth with 3D hardware acceleration) on the latest new MacBook and MacBook Pro and MacBook Air systems. 

Unity view has been improved, there are new hints in the Help menu and improvements to sharing, including nested folders and publishing Windows guest applications to the Mac. Fusion 2 users can download the latest release starting tomorrow here.

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