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Smith Micro to publish GroBoto 3D for Mac/Win

Smith Micro Software to publish and sell GroBoto – 3D software for Mac and Windows – Consumer Graphics Group Grows Mac 3D Software Library


Smith Micro Software, Inc., Consumer Group today announced they will be publishing GroBoto, a fun and easy-to-use consumer-level 3D application for Mac and Windows users. 

GroBoto is a powerful 3D application aimed at allowing novice artist-type users a pathway to 3D imagery and animations. A strength in the program is its ability to utilize “bots” technology to create unique forms that are both organic and abstract. A kinetic morphing animation system enables users to create fluid motions between elements or assemblies of elements. 

3D models in GroBoto can be textured and tiled. You can create your own textures from TIFF files. To add more atmosphere you can utilize fog layers with atmospheric attributes such as color, thickness, altitude and transparency. 

Once your GroBoto project is done you can export it out as 3D polygonal OBJ files as rendered image files. Animations can be exported to Apple QuickTime movies. 

To learn more visit this link.

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