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McNeel: new Wenatchee build of Rhino for Mac

McNeel Updates Rhino for Mac with latest Wanatchee builds – now requires Mac OS X Leopard


There is a new Wenatchee build, of Rhino for Mac OS X. Yesterday McNeel, a privately held, employee-owned company headquartered in Seattle, Washington, announced the news on its Rhino News blog.

Rhino Mac Now Needs Leopard

Unlike previous Wenatchee builds this release requires Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard. It is not clear why this is and if all future Wenatchee builds will require Leopard as well, but we will inquire with McNeel and report what we learn. 

This latest build of Rhino for Mac OS X Leopard includes some new features as well as changes. Menu shortcuts for showing/hiding the Object Snaps Panel and tool palettes have been changed to accommodate European ISO keyboards. New features include two mouse gestures and four laptop trackpad gestures (this feature likely requires Leopard…). There are several new commands involving snapping, tool palettes and showing main tool palettes and active tool palettes. 

Additionally there are bug fixes. To learn more visit here.

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