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Mac version of CADspan for SketchUp 7 announced

LGM Architectural Visualization introduces Mac beta version of CADspan plugin for Google SketchUp 7


LGM – Architectural Visualization, the developers of the CADspan plugin for Google’s SketchUp has announced a new beta version and provided it to Architosh for review. The CADspan plugin for Mac and Windows SketchUp enables users to generate files for rapid prototyping models, which the company specializes in producing for others.

LGM – Architectural Visualization is a leading architectural modeling and 3D printing solutions company with over 15 years of experience with a huge variety of scaled architectural models and has been a leader in innovative methods for 3D printing. 

The company reports, “The Google team has been fantastic to work with and one of their improvements that allowed us to release this is SketchUp 7.” The plugin is currently available for SketchUp Pro 6 but the new Mac beta version only works with the new SketchUp 7 due to some technical issues. 

In mid-December the company is reporting that users will be able to utilize the Web interface based CADspan Pro which is not tied to Google’s SketchUp and works with 3ds (Autodesk 3D studio max file format). This means Mac users working in other 3D and CAD applications which can produce sound .3ds files can utilize CADspan Pro online to get rapid prototyping models produced for them. 

This is very exciting technology that Architosh is anxious to take a look at.

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