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Electric Image Sonica v.1.0 Public Beta

Electric Image Technology Group’s Sonica v.1.0 Adds Coordinated Sound to Autodesk Maya Animations – First Plugin in Series of Plugins for Maya from EITG


Electric Image Sonica v.1.0 is a public beta plugin software for Autodesk Maya useful to animators who want to synchronize their animation to sound. Digital sound lends itself to mathemathical analysis thus enabling properties such as pitch, loudness, beat, et cetera, to be extracted and linked to dependency nodes. Therefore music can drive your animation. 

A QuickTime animation from Maya with EITG Sonica v.1.0

A QuickTime animation from Maya with EITG Sonica v.1.0

Since the spring of 2008 Electric Image Technology Group has had in place a public beta of Sonica v1.0. The move to deliver innovative plugins for other leading 3D software packages is a new strategy to bring the Electric Image brand and EITG’s presence into new 3D markets. Sonic is the first in a planned series of plugins for Autodesk Maya.

Sonica v.1.0 is available for Mac Maya 7 and Mac Maya 8. It is also available for Windows Maya 7, 8 and 8.5.

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