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ArchiCAD 12 now supports 3Dconnexion 3D Mice

3Dconnexion annnounces 3D mice support for Graphisoft’s Award-winning ArchiCAD 12 BIM application


3Dconnexion, a LogiTech Company, has announced that Graphisoft’s ArchiCAD 12, a world leading Building Information Modeling (BIM) application is now supported by 3Dconnexion’s award-winning line of 3D mice, such as the SpaceNavigator (see, Architosh Review: SpaceNavigator, 16 Feb 2007).

3D mice enable architects and building design and engineering professionals to better visualize their virtual building as the 3D mice are more intuitive to operate than a series of equivalent 3D navigation command tools. 

ArchiCAD 12 offers specific options for controlling  the mode of 3D navigation, allowing users to select either camera mode or object mode for effortless control. 

3Dconnexion’s 3D mice are supported with ArchiCAD 12 under both Windows (Windows hotfix build 2325 on Windows XP and 32 and 64-bit Windows Vista) and Macintosh OS X 10.4.6 and higher. 

SpaceNavigator Personal Edition retails for 59.USD, while other product such as SpaceNavigator for Notebooks starts at 129.USD. SpaceExplorer, a more sophisticated product than the product we have reviewed, is priced at 299.USD. To learn more visit them at:

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