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Mac OS X version of Craft Director Tools now available

Craft Animations AB of Sweden releases new Craft Director Tools for Mac OS X version of Autodesk Maya


According to Craft Animations AB of Goteborg, Sweden, with offices in Los Angeles, California, a large number of current customers have persuaded Craft Animations to create a native Mac OS X version of Craft Director Tools, a third-party series of extension plugins software that work within Autodesk Maya and 3ds Max. The Mac versions work specifically with the Mac version of Maya. 

Based on cutting edge Swedish Research, Craft Director Tools is used to help create what the company and industry refer to as process-driven animation, also known as “desktop mocap.” 

Craft Animations' Craft Director Tools

Craft Animations

The results of Craft Director Tools are animations based on neural networks, artificial intelligence and autonomous control systems, simulating complex physical behavior of sophisticated moving objects like helicopters, cars in traffic, airplanes and more. 

Craft Director Tools are a series of plugins for Autodesk’s 3ds Max and Maya and are targeted at various fields such as: Forensics, Previz, Broadcast, and Architecture Visualization. Craft Director Tools vary in price from $129.USD to $599.USD based on the specific plugin you buy. There are 10 total plugins. 

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