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ICS offers Holiday ArchiCAD Payment Plan

Integrated CADD Services offers new ArchiCAD Payment Holiday Leasing Program – Addresses economic woes affecting US economy and the AEC industry


Integrated CADD Services (ICS), a technology consultant and value-added reseller (VAR) specializing in Graphisoft’s ArchiCAD BIM software has recently partnered with National Commercial Capital to create an ArchiCAD Payment Holiday Leasing Program. The program addresses the severe economic crisis plaguing the United States and foreign markets and proactively solves technology acquisition needs for budget-crunched firms. Under the plan new ArchiCAD 12 lease payments are deferred to 2009. 

New Capital During Economic Crisis

“While no firm hopes for lessening workloads, there is a silver lining,” explains Greg Conyngham, president of Integrated CADD Services. “Smart firms use slow periods to reassess their structure, including their technology needs. Slow times are the perfect time to transition to newer more robust technology. Employees will have more time for learning and the firm will emerge from the slowdown with increased capacity and a more profitable workflow.”

The ArchiCAD Payment Holiday offers firms flexible 15-39 month terms. Regular monthly payments begin after 90-days. This 3-month relief period will allow customers to learn and implement ArchiCAD, the most complete and flexible design solution in the BIM Category, without having to worry about light workloads in the fourth quarter.

To learn more and inquire about the new ArchiCAD Payment Holiday Leasing Program visit:

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