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Autodesk announces 64-bit Revit Platform for BIM

Autodesk announces first 64-bit version of its Revit BIM Platform for the AEC industry – BIM tool still not available for Mac


Yesterday Autodesk mades news by announcing what the company is touting is the first Autodesk BIM software for Windows 64-bit operating systems. This marks the company’s first venture into 64-bit BIM applications and applies to Revit Architecture 2009, Revit Structure 2009 and Revit MEP 2009. Existing subscribers can now access these new 64-bit versions.

64-bits is More Power

Autodesk cites beta testers claims of significant improvements in the areas of performance and stability. The support of 64-bit operating systems means applications can access literally thousands of gigabytes by breaking the 4 GB barrier.

Memory intensive tasks in BIM include things like rendering, printing, model upgrading and file importing and exporting processes.

“With 64-bit Revit Architecture we can completely load a very large project into a session and work on it at one time; and that is something that represents a significant efficiency improvement over the 32-bit environment,” said Lonnie Cumpton, Revit task force manager for the Friedmutter Group. “For example, we have a large project that consists of 2.9 gigabytes of Revit data contained in 22 individual files. With 64-bit Revit Architecture we can link all the pieces together into one big model and cut an entire building section to gain an understanding from a section elevation standpoint of the entire project at one time. Using 32-bit Revit Architecture we’d have to cut individual pieces of sections in each model and then piece them back together. It took us a day to do that. Now we can do it in less than an hour.”

“We’ve been beta testing the 64-bit Revit Structure software and the increases in efficiency and productivity are impressive,” said Jamie Richardson, Associate & CAD manager, Ericksen Roed & Associates. “Cutting sections and switching between views is much faster. Moving within the views and rotating the model in a 3D view is also noticeably faster and smoother. With what we have seen in our beta testing, and what we’re hearing from users testing the beta on their current projects, we see no reason not to go to the 64-bit version of Revit Structure.”

The English language version of Revit 64-bit versions are available now. Other languages will be released at a later date.

“We’re very excited to hear our beta testers report stunning performance gains with the native 64-bit versions of the Revit software applications,” said Jay Bhatt, senior vice president, Autodesk AEC Solutions. “Breaking the four gigabytes RAM barrier is an important milestone, which helps our customers experience the power of BIM in even their largest projects.”

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Reader Comments

  1. Posted by:
    October 28, 2008 08:46 pm EDT

    ” BIM is not about 3D. BIM is about automatg info relationships using piece-based const models. For the const managers this means modelg both process and sequence as well as volume and sq footage.”

    Furthermore if Apple bought Autodesk then they would inheret REVIT – YUK

  2. Posted by:
    October 28, 2008 08:48 pm EDT

    what happened to my first paragragh

    where I state the above quote is from

  3. Gary,

    Not sure what may have happened with your post (first paragraph). But with our new site there is bound to be some minor bugs. We’ve been finding them and addressing them ASAP so please elaborate so I can trouble-shoot this issue. Thanks. – AFR

  4. Gary, Dennis Fukai’s blog post is interesting. Clearly he is looking at BIM from one of the legitimate three sides (design/construct/own). His argument that ACAD’s underlying modeling technology powers Revit today is likely wrong. If he is referring to modeling kernel technology (…and I can’t tell if he is) then his later point about the marriage between CAD/CAM and its meaningful to building construction is an important point. Which is why i think some (eg: Randall Newton?) have written about SolidWorks in AEC (as in, what if there was a place for it?). In any case, he brings up many interesting facets about BIM as perceived from the CM side. Thanks for pointing out this post.

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