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ArchiCAD Start Edition used – LEED Platinum Eco-Townhouses

Portland, Oregon-based architects win with ArchiCAD Start Edition


Architects Jeff and Tracy Prose of Building Arts Workshop LLC took the unconventional route of becoming their own clients with the design of an eco-friendly redevelopment project in Portland, Oregon. The two architects developed two LEED Platinum rated townhouses using ArchiCAD Start Edition to help launch the couple’s new business.

ArchiCAD START Edition

The husband and wife architect team developed two adjoining townhouses linked by a courtyard. The work showcases both their talent as designers and builders to provide a unique, eco-friendly property. To achieve their goals Jeff and Tracy Prose turned to ArchiCAD Start Edition, an affordable, entry-level of ArchiCAD the industry’s most utilized BIM product.

ArchiCAD Start Edition is an affordable, entry-level version of ArchiCAD designed for architects seeking to expand their business with building information modeling (BIM). It is has all the core design, 3D modeling and documentation capabilities of ArchiCAD, but with a feature set and price tailored to the needs of small architectural practices. It enabled a small firm like Building Arts Workshop to design two LEED Platinum buildings with software costing under $2,000

The shift from 2D CAD to 3D BIM software has been afoot in the AEC industry for several years and has gained acceleration as firms press for more energy-efficient designs. BIM software tools are more advanced than CAD systems and enable virtual-building models to be analyzed for energy gain and loss.

“ArchiCAD Start Edition lets us easily switch between a 3D BIM model and 2D plans using a single environment with a single file,” said Jeff Prose. “It’s a huge productivity gain. We can quickly pull the building apart in a 3D environment, drilling down deep into the elevation views and tiniest of details to identify potential work-stopping problems ahead of time. Using BIM in the design-build process fuses the tangible aspects of building construction while allowing the actions of invention and discovery to thrive.”

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