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Macs are outpacing PCs in the mobile space and the general surge in Macs online has made embracing the Mac a top priority at — a popular Virtual World


Online Media Daily has a new report on and its new Mac adoption strategy. Basically, the company, fighting for a piece of the online “virtual world” advertising market, resisted supporting the Mac online back in the early part of this decade. However, things have changed dramatically and the Mac is a major focus now.

The article quotes Michael Wilson, Makena Technologies’ CEO as saying that embracing the Mac now makes business sense as the Mac is exceeding the PC in the laptop market; and now that Apple’s computers are running on Intel and have OS X supporting the Mac is much more doable for a smaller company like his.

Another reason for Mac adoption is because of the feedback Wilson has received from creative and advertising professionals that largely use the Mac. Wilson reported it was one of the most popular complaints. Since — like other virtual online worlds — is striving to obtain advertising dollars from real-world companies, these advertising professionals working on the Mac both want and need to view their ads within on their computers at work and home be it Mac or PC.

To read the whole report go here.

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