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First Release of Rhino for Mac still one year away

Robert McNeel tells end users on his company’s blog that Rhino on the Mac is a huge undertaking and will be at least another year


Robert McNeel, of Robert McNeel & Associates, has responded on his company blog to a post by an end user begging for some sort of time table on the official release of Rhino for Mac. McNeel’s answer was direct and to the point: “It is a huge project. It will be at least a year away before we have a released version.”

So there you have it. Although McNeel commented favorably about the progress of Rhino on Mac in this recent architosh interview article, noting that the work on the Mac UI hasn’t even really begun, this latest post on his blog gives users a better view of the overall timeline. A year away may seem much longer to an end user working with the beta, but the good news is the beta builds are available and the program is improving. For those not on the beta list and just waiting for the official first release, this news may disappoint you.

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