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3D CAD comes to the iPhone with new iTracer

Fabio Policarpo is the first developer to release a 3D modeling and rendering application for Apple’s iPhone and it strongly suggest just how much overhead is possible with Apple’s popular device


When Architosh first imagined a CAD or 3D program for the iPhone we imagined it limited, clearly; but what didn’t imagine was the possibilities in the rendering department. This first CAD or 3D app for the iPhone strongly suggest that there is much possible for the iPhone in this arena. Take a look at the screen shots below.


iTracer for iPhone

iTracer is a 3D modeling and rendering application for the iPhone that enables the end user to model objects from basic primitives manipulating their profiles and edit down to per-vertex normals. Then you can you render your models in high-quality images complete with transparency, refraction, shadows, reflection and self-illumination.


iTracer interface

iTracer interface

This little iPhone application includes a full material editor with several types of adjustments including the items just mentioned above. You can cast shadows from multiple light sources and use procedural objects like spheres and boxes for infinite precision.


solids modeling

solids modeling

Using Apple’s multi-touch interface on the iPhone you interact with the modeling process via typical modeling tools such as translate, rotate, scale, revolve and extrude. With simple touch movements with your finger you snap to an adaptive grid. Once modeling is complete you can render your images out and save them to the iPhone’s Photos Library where it can be synced back to your Mac or PC. iTracer cost just 3.99.USD and a new license gets you all future updates for free. If iTracer becomes the new SketchUp of the iPhone that early license could be worth quite a bit in future updates.


profile editing

profile editing

Fabio Policarpo is a programmer who has written several rendering and modeling programs and technologies and has published papers for SIGGRAPH.

To learn more visit:

Visit the Apple App Store via iTunes to learn and buy the program.

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