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SU Podium 1.5 now for Mac OS X

SU Podium 1.5 for Mac OS X Now Available – SketchUp Users on Mac Have Further Options for Photo Realism


CADalog’s popular SU Podium 1.5 rendering plugin for SketchUp has just been released for Mac OS X. The new Mac OS X version is identical to its Windows counterpart, allowing SketchUp users to take their models to new levels of realism.

Like other photo-realistic render plugins, SU Podium 1.5 for Mac runs entirely within SketchUp 6 Pro, from start to finish. It uses SketchUp features such as textures, background colors, groups and shadows to achieve impressive results. SU Podium 1.5 for Mac is 179.USD.

To learn more visit the SU Podium site here:

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