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Informatix works to get modo 302 support – 3D Painting for modo

Cambridge, England-based Informatix, announces modo 302 support for Piranesi, their award-winning 3D painting technology


Users of Luxology’s modocan now utilize Piranesi directly to finish artistic rendering jobs in the award-winning 3D painting application. Informatix recently developed an EPix file exporter using the modo File I/O SDK (input/output software development kit). The plugin is available for free from the Piranesi website.

Bob Bennett, Vice President of Marketing for modo, says “Piranesi is one of the cooler applications for giving a hand rendered look to your 3D model with a minimum of fuss. Many times that is exactly what you want to deliver to your AEC clients, particularly in the early stages of a project. This software would appear to be a good match for use alongside modo, and Piranesi runs on both the Mac and PC’s just like modo does.”

For more information on modo go here (full review) or here for (full review) for Piranesi.

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