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London BIMStore won by BIM Vikings Using ArchiCAD

Norwegian ArchiCAD Team Brings Home 2008 BUILD LONDON LIVE Award


The Build London Live Award has just been given to team BIM Vikings.Ten different teams from five different continents participated in the 48 hour online collaborative design event. Team “BIM Vikings” won the 2008 Build London Live Award.

This year the site for the design was in the Thames Gateway Area of London, a highly congested, economically active, densely populated area within the UK. Teams were given the task to work on a mixed use development, where people may live, work, and play. The judges reported that the BIM Viking team won the Multi-disciplinary Design and Constructability because of the wide range of organizations, disciplines and applications used plus the outstanding use of BuildingSMART standards.

Other winners were Team BIM Products for Best Design, Team Seoul BIM for Best Collaboration, and Team Gravicon for Drama and Excitement. For a complete listing of the winners go to

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