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ButterflyNetRender 4.11 Now Supports Mac OS X Universal Apps

Popular network rendering controller now supports Mac Universal 3D Applications — including LightWave and modo


Liquid Dream Solutions announced yesterday that the newest version of ButterflyNetRender, version 4.11, now supports Mac Universal applications in addition to other new capabilities. ButterflyNetRender technology has been given credit for producing leading animation production in popular computer games and television franchises such as Jimmy Neutron, Spy Kids 3, Battlestar Galactica and more.

ButterflyNetRender 4.11 – New Mac Features

New Mac-centric support includes:

  • Luxology’s modo OS X support
  • LightWave OS X Universal Binary support
  • Improved OS X support with Windows to OS X path matching features

ButterflyNetRender 4.11 is a network rendering controller for LightWave, Maya, Messiah Studio, 3DSmax, XSI, modo, Digital Fusion, Adobe After Effects, Maya RenderMan and more.

ButterflyNetRender is two applications consisting of a controller app (only runs on Windows) and a client rendering station (node) application that runs on multiple operating systems including OS X and Linux. The lowest cost client version for Mac OS X is the BNR Standard edition, $180.USD.

For modo network rendering BNR Standard Studio is required. BNR versions support 5, 15 or unlimited rendernodes. A rendernode can be assigned to a given CPU on a particular client machine. Multi-processor Mac Pros can have multiple rendernodes per workstation.

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