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Bunkspeed Releases HyperShot v.1.5

Bunkspeed announces new HyperShot version 1.5 for Photographic 3D Rendering


Bunkspeed announced an eagerly awaited upgrade to HyperShot which was released 1 year ago. The company reports that the new version delivers key performance enhancements that make for a solid interaction between HyperShot and all major 3D solid and surface modeling products.

The improvements made in HyperShot V 1.5 include: faster performance, improved rendering and an improved translator. In addition Bunkspeed has changed their product licensing process to allow interactive internet activation of trial and permanent license.

The new HyperShot version 1.5 includes support for Rhinoceros on the Mac, there is a plug-in available specifically for Rhino on Windows. There is improved Pro/E and IGES and SolidWorks file support. For more information on HyperShot, including pricing, or to download a free trial, visit

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