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PanzerCAD Releases Camera Match 2008 VectorWorks Plug-in

Nemetschek North America announced that PanzerCAD has released Camera Match 2008 as a VectorWorks 2008 plug-in, allowing quick and accurate control of the alignment of a 3D view to an existing photograph.


“While working on an addition to a historic building in downtown Annapolis, we were required to show views of the project from the state capital,” explains Matt Panzer, president of PanzerCAD Services, Inc. “After spending hours fiddling with 3D view controls and the RenderWorks Camera, I decided to start developing specific technology to accomplish this architectural goal.”

Now VectorWorks users can take advantage of this plug-in to provide rendered views aligned with photographs of the site.

It all starts with the placement of a 3D reference point in your model during the Camera Match process. This reference point enables the location and the orientation of the model to be easily aligned. The Camera Match object locates the reference point on the photo and establishes vanishing points by aligning control lines along elements in the photo. Once the control lines are in place, a simple click on the “Align View” button matches the view to the photo.

Camera Match 2008 is available for $100 and can be purchased on

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