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Over Clocked Mac Pros Now Possible – Ready, Set Launch!

Performance Tuning PC Culture Reaches the Mac – New German Tool Allows Over-Clocking Mac Pros


AppleInsider is reporting about ZDNet’s new Clock Tool for the Mac, an over-clocking tool that allows users of Mac Pros to speed up their main Xeon processor clock speeds to up as high as 3.24GHz from say 2.8 GHz.

This approach works better on Mac Pros than most PCs because ECC (error correction) RAM is required on Mac Pros, preventing the right back of faulty data from memory to the hard drive.

The ZDNet Clock also speeds up the system bus and the memory speed. The clock difference provides tangible performance gains though software bench tests may report otherwise.

You can read more about over-clocking your system (Mac Pro) here.

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