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Maxwell Render 1.7 Now Available

Popular Spanish Rendering Application Offers New Features and Improved Realism


Next Limit Technologies of Madrid, Spain, has announced an update to its superb rendering software Maxwell Render, version 1.7. This latest update is available immediately and includes a range of new features and improvements aimed at taking photo-realistic rendering to a new level.

Key new features in Maxwell Render 1.7 include:

  • A new Physical Sky system – several real-life, physically accurate parameters can be used to control the look of the sky and the resulting light in the scene, ranging from common Earth values to exaggerated fantasy skies.
  • A new Sub-Surface Scattering component – New SSS simulates the effect of light entering a translucent object and scattering inside it. This is a new, fully rewritten version of the older SSS system.
  • Enhancements in the Material Editor – incremental updates in the materials preview, storing material swatches, new image controls, wizards and more.
  • Plug-in Enhancements – All available plugins have been updated to ensure compatibility with version 1.7.
  • Maxwell Studio Improvements – Texture handling and memory optimizations have been implemented, Realtime OpenGL preview of Physical Skies, improved material browser and much more.

A complete guide to the new features and updates in Maxwell Render 1.7 can be found online here.

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