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Kinemac 3D Real Time Animation System Introduced for OS X

Animation Tool for Mac OS X Offers Real Time Professional Effects for both PowerPC and Intel Macs


Kinemac 1.6.6 is the latest version of this innovative 3D real time animation and presentation software package. Aiming for the simplicity of a 2D presentation tool, Kinemac enables the user to create compelling professional 3D animations. Ideal for advertising in television or corporate film work, Kinemac has multiple uses that can extend to the university presentation arena or the sciences industries. A full gallery of examples demonstrates its many uses.

Kinemac 1.6.6

Kinemac has a simple interface that is easy to master. You can drag and drop images, text, movies and music files onto the Kinemac stage to get them into your animation project. Kinemac has object creation (like cubes, cylinders, spheres, etc.) but you can also import SVG files and extrude them or bring in models saved as OBJ or 3DS. Once these models are brought into the stage you can apply still and movie image textures onto their surfaces, change colors, transparency and visual effects.

Kinemac naturally supports animated text and can also animate charts complete with text counters. Sprites and bezier control curves enable more finessed animation control. The user interface is quite nice and built explicitly for Mac OS X.

Kinemac costs 299.USD and runs on Mac OS X (10.4.9 and up). You can learn more here.

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