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Grasshopper: Generative Modeling Tool for Rhinoceros – Mac Version Needs .Net Support

McNeel North America has new Grasshopper Generative Modeling Tool for Rhino


Grasshopper™ is a new graphical algorithm editor that is tightly integrated into Rhino’s 3D modeling tools. Unlike RhinoScript, Grasshopper requires no knowledge of programming or scripting, yet allows designers to explore form generators using explicit logic and mathematical equations. In this way, Grasshopper is like Bentley’s GenerativeComponents (GC) software package.

Grasshopper Build 0.3

The current build is very young, 0.3. Grasshopper operates as a Rhino plugin and adds both a Grasshopper window within Rhino and numerous new palettes and tools. A description of the interface components is contained here. And there are several tutorials on the Grasshopper web site.

Unfortunately, despite the upcoming Rhino for Mac OS X, there is no word on how Grasshopper will work on Apple’s UNIX platform given the fact that it requires Microsoft’s .Net.

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