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Ashlar-Vellum Graphite v8 SP1 Beta Now Imports AutoCAD Layouts Directly Into Graphite Sheets

New AutoCAD Compatibility Highlight Feature in SP1 Beta for Graphite v8


Graphite v8 SP1 Beta, announced by Ashlar-Vellum, will add a new highly requested feature that allows the importation of AutoCAD layouts into Graphite Sheets. In addition, the Mac Intel version of this build speeds up several functions of the popular CAID/CAD program. Initial results show 2x to 3x performance increase for functions such as pan, zoom and file loading.

Ashlar-Vellum notes however that very few Graphite users have files large enough to see these improvements in a noticeable way.

In other Ashlar-Vellum news the company has produced a 12 minute movie which presents eight Cobalt users who discuss the values in using Cobalt versus SolidWorks, describing which program is more valuable under which circumstances. The company is also touting its “Organic Workflow” as compared to SolidWorks’ more linear and rigid parametric workflow. To learn more

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