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AIA: formZ developers preview Bonzai 3d at AIA 2008

auto-des-sys, Inc., developers of the esteemed form.Z 3D program have announced BonZai 3D, new modeler to be shown at AIA 2008 Boston


BonZai 3D

auto-des-sys, Inc’s new entrant in the simple but powerful modeling category now dominated by Google’s SketchUp is an offspring of the company’s legendaryform.Z technology. BonZai 3D is meant for quick, easy, simple but, most importantly, geometrically robust 3D modeling.

For those “who wish to express their thoughts graphically in 3D, on the fly, and without too much hassle, and then be able to advance to the next level of detailed solid modeling and production…”

BonZai 3D has resulted from years of experience and research and from more than 15 years of user input. auto-des-sys, Inc, says “you can think of form.Z as the Swiss army knife of 3D modeling and BonZai as the pen knife you carry around to depend on for quick solutions to all kinds of immediate needs.”

Features in BonZai 3D

Built on form.Z’s trademark strengths that includes solids, NURBS, multi-platform support (Mac/Win), reliable Booleans and more, BonZai 3D is the next generation in ease of use in 3D modeling. A partial list of features includes:

  • Fluid, powerful and smart interface
  • All classic modeling tools (extrusions, sweeps, transformations, etc.)
  • Push/Pull tool for easy shape making/sculpting
  • Realtime Booleans
  • Dynamic graphic editing
  • Smart 3D drawing
  • Advanced OpenGL rendering with shadows, transparencies and textures
  • Google Earth and SketchUp file compatibility
  • 30+ import/export formats (inter-operability)
  • Embedded video tutorials
  • Support for 3D Warehouse
  • More…

BonZai 3D will be presented at the AIA 2008 show in Boston this week in booth #22139. The product is due this summer with a public beta soon.

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