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Abvent releases 9 new Media CD-ROMs for the Artlantis Media Collection

Artlantis maker Abvent has announced the release of 9 new Media CDs that complement the Artlantis Media Collection. These include high-quality shaders and billboard objects


9 New Media CDs

The new Abvent Media CDs include very high quality media for rendering in the form of billboards objects, objects and shaders, all designed to reinforce the quality and realism of your renderings. Besides their own shaders and textures, users may want to also complete their Artlantis library with these complementary CDs.

The Abvent Media CDs include:

  • Cultured Stone CD – 118 shaders from namesake company
  • Floor Marble CD – 100 beautiful marble shaders
  • 2 New 3D Car CDs – 2004 and 2007 model year 3D textured automobiles featuring leading auto brands
  • 3D Animated People Casual 5 and 6 CDs – 20 3D human models in casual clothing with 5 pre-calculated behaviors each. Models are optimized for 3000 faces per model.
  • Billboard CD – a popular Abvent release featuring 2 CDs with 36 objects each

To learn more about these Media CDs and to acquire them visit:

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