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Tidbits: Maxon, Vectorworks and LightWorks

Mac CAD and 3D News – MAXON, Vectorworks and LightWorks news.


MAXON updates VectorWorks Exchange Plugin

MAXON has updated their VectorWorks 2008 Exchange Plugin forCINEMA 4D (C4D) R10.5. You can download here. Recent MAXON news included the announcement that the popular Spanish online C4D magazine, C4Des, is now available in an English language version.

LightWork Design and ACA Espana announce partnership

LightWork Design, the developers of the LightWorks rendering engine technology used worldwide by leading CAD and 3D developers, has announced a partnership with ACA Espana.

ACA Espana is a leading supplier of furniture configuration software within Spain with their DecoDesign product. ACA Espana has integrated new rendering functionality into their DecoDesign product in record time.

Pilar Horna, CEO of ACA commented, “The use of LightWorks in our products allows our customer to see high quality images of their designs, which is something that they could only do before by transferring the model to a separate 3rd party application.”

“The speed with which we integrated LightWorks into our products was amazing and we are now shipping this functionality to our customers only a few months after we had made the decision to partner with LightWork Design.” You can learn more here.

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