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Microspot Interiors updated to v.4.0.2

UK-based Microspot Ltd, has announced a key update to their popular product, Microspot Interiors


Microspot Interiors has been updated to v.4.0.2 this week. The new version adds faster operation with textures and the ability to handle door and window objects that overhang the wall space, such as bay windows.

The update is free for all registered Interiors 4 users and is downloadable from theMicrospot web site.

Users of previous versions will need to upgrade to version 4.0.2 and pricing depends on their current version. Both versions (Pro and standard version of Interiors) have improved to better handle files where the same 3D texture appears multiple times. Previously each instance of a texture was processed by the computer and saved separately. Now the program recognizes multiple uses of a texture and saves just one copy, vastly improving operations and keeping file sizes down.

The Tag Palette has a new tag type added and Windows and Doors are totally enclosed in a transparent box which fits itself into the wall space when these items are placed into a wall. The result of this technique is that a new tag allows a similar box that will enclose only a portion of the window or door enabling a part of it to extend outside the box and therefore allow for the creation of bay windows and similar elements.

Microspot Interiors is a high quality, low cost 3D interior design tool for Mac OS X. For more information visit:

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