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Luxology’s Rhinoceros and SketchUp Translators for modo

Luxology has public beta translators for both the popular 3D modeler Rhinoceros (soon to be on Mac) and Google’s popular SketchUp Pro


Rhino to modo

For those curious about modo on the Mac, and even more curious and excited aboutRhino for Mac OS X’s debut, Luxology has some exciting new developments in the works. The company currently has a public beta of the new Rhino file translator for registered modo 301 users. The Rhino translator reads and writes .3DM files and works with both Mac and PC versions of modo 301.

Users can take models made in Rhinoceros to modo for rendering utilizing modo’s multi-threaded rendering engine with its global illumination, ambient occlusion and real-world IES lighting. Additionally, modo users can take models from modo 301 to Rhinoceros for intricate surface mesh details and final technical surfacing.

SketchUp and modo

Like the Rhino translator, Luxology also has a public beta of a new SketchUp file importer (again just for registered modo 301 users). Users can take their SketchUp models into modo 301 for further modeling and rendering. Additionally, users might make good use of terrain modeling in modo or aggregate multiple SketchUp models into larger scenes such as housing developments, et cetera.

If you are a modo 301 user you can download these public beta translators here or just read about them.

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