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Cheetah 3D 4.5 Released Into the Wild – Better Leopard support

Cheetah 3D 4.5 has been announced and is fully available via download starting today — includes improved Leopard compatibility


Released today, Cheetah 3D version 4.5, improves support on Apple’s latest operating system, Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard). But this update is more than just a Leopard bug fix, there are a whole host of fixes and feature improvements that touch upon better use of system resources, faster performance and faster application start up.

Cheetah 3D 4.5

This update highly improves the memory efficiency of the render manager. Now only active render jobs are kept in RAM and finished render jobs are swapped to the hard disk. This allows the render manager to recover the results of finished rendering jobs if Cheetah 3Dshould crash. Additionally, the PDF importer has been improved to allow better workflow between Adobe Illustrator and Cheetah 3D.

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