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ButterflyNetRender 4.03 Released

Growing Network Rendering Application Gains Additional Features in latest 4.03 Release


Liquid Dream Solutions has announced the latest update to ButterflyNetRender 4.03, which adds support for LightWave 9.5 scene files and LightWave 9.3.1 output format change. Additional changes include improvements to the interface, bug fixes and the ability to load more than one Modo Scene at a time. Moreover, this update fixed the Linux Paths for using LightWave under WINE paths.

Liquid Dream Solutions’ ButterflyNetRender 4.03 is actually two applications shipping in various configurations, from Personal Edition to Pro Studio and Internet Node. The two applications include the BNR Controller (Windows only) and the BNR- Client, which runs on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux in several of the configurations. Personal Edition only ships as a Windows product. BNR Standard and Standard Studio, BNR Pro (5 nodes) and BNR Pro (15 nodes) all support Mac OS X clients, in addition to Linux.

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