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AMD trims line of business graphics cards

AMD has introduced FireMV 2260 as low-power 2D graphics accelerators


AMD is launching a series of enterprise graphics cards which are not built for high-end 3D rendering or video editing work, according to a report published this week. Large and multiple screen set ups have been shown to increase worker productivity as the additional screen area can allow for faster switching between applications and tasks, while allowing works to better organize their workspaces.

Windows Vista, Mac OS X and versions of Linux such as Ubuntu allow users to utilize multiple displays quite well.

“ATI FireMV 2260 enables financial institutions and corporations in general to reduce energy consumption,” said Janet Matsuda, senior director of AMD’s professional graphics business.

Focused on offering a “trader density” product, these smaller cards will not feature a fan but utilize a heat sink for cooling. The half-sized cards will load into standard PCI slots as well as PCI Express 1.0, 16x and 2.0 systems.

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