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VectorWorks Architect used to create Virtual Tour of Grays of Westminster

UK-based architect and photographer Michael Eleftheriades has created a virtual tour of Grays of Westminster utilizing VectorWorks Architect software


UK-based architect Michael Eleftheriades began a special project when he took on the task of creating a “virtual tour” of Grays of Westminster, a unique period shop in London, England specializing in Nikon equipment.

The head of Media Synthesis, a London-based media consulting and design firm, Mr. Eleftheriades utilized VectorWorks Architect to create the three-dimensional cut-away plans used in the interactive site.

“I decided that the best way to approach the virtual tour of Grays of
Westminster from the user perspective would be to include plans of the
spaces, created using VectorWorks Architect,” says Eleftheriades. “This
was not only to display the relationship of the spaces to each other,
but also to reinforce the idea that, collectively, they are all
essential parts of the whole environment.”

The rooms were measured in detail, and two- and three-dimensional
isometric “cut-away” projections were constructed in VectorWorks. These
were exported to Adobe Illustrator and then to Adobe Photoshop,
where the interactive logic was created.

RealViz Stitcher was used to process the wrap-around photography shots all taken with a Nikon digital SLR camera, this produced an optimized cubic QuickTime movie series which can be viewed on the virtual tour.

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