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Tidbits: Mac 3D News – Electric Image update and Bunkspeed News

Electric Image Animation Studio 7.0.1 update released, Bunkspeed Chooses Cadalog for Distribution in Japan


Electric Image Animation Studio 7.0.1 update released

EI Technology Group has released an update to the recently released Electric Image Animation Studio 7.0, bringing the update to version 7.0.1. This service pack release addresses several bugs and allows Renderama to now work with Apple’s new Leopard operating system. Renderama now renders properly from Mac to PC.

Making Renderama work properly with Leopard required that the entire system for transferring files be rewritten using UNIX functions instead of Mac Toolbox functions. EI Technology Group says the work took longer than expected but was worth it as the results are now that Mac Universal Binary build of Renderama now transfers files faster than the previous version. To learn more go here.

Bunkspeed Chooses Cadalog for Distribution in Japan

Bunkspeed, makers of HyperShot for Mac, an advanced accelerated 3D rendering program, have announced this week the selection of Cadalog as a major reseller and distributor of HyperShot in Japan. Cadalog has a successful track record of distributing CAD products in Japan, such as Robert McNeel’s Rhinoceros 3D modeling program to Google’s SketchUp. Cadalog has built a network of 25 resellers throughout Asia.

To learn more about HyperShot visit the Bunkspeed website.

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