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Autodesk SketchBook Pro Update – to be shown at Macworld Expo

Believed to be dormant but now coming back, Autodesk SketchBook Pro version 3 will be shown at Macworld Expo


Matthew Brewster of ARCHiDEAS, an Apple authorized business agent and ArchiCAD dealer and trainer in the Seattle, Washington, area, has written to Architoshto tell us he will be showing off Autodesk SketchBook Pro at Macworld. The product was last reviewed byArchitosh back in 2006 and we were impressed with the native Mac OS X application — then a product of Alias, which was subsequently acquired by Autodesk.

“Autodesk is currently working on an update to SketchBook Pro,” writes Brewster. “I’m going to be presenting it on an Modbook at Macworld this month. I’ll be at their booth on Wednesday the 16th.”

It is unclear if at this time if Brewster meant “Modbook” or that was simply a typo in his message. We are trying to clarify but assume the latter.

Brewster tells us he will also be demonstrating SketchUp, ArchiCADand Piranesi. We assume at this point that the booth in question is Apple’s booth, so he will be somewhere within the general mix. This also suggest that Apple will have new laptops at Macworld — as anticipated — as the company generally arms its linear booths with numerous software developers showing off the best new applications on Apple’s latest introduced hardware. Autodesk is not listed as anexhibitor at Macworld Expo.

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