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Apple Introduces 30 Coding Head Starts – Now Available with QuickTime Introductory Video

Apple Introduces 30 Coding Head Starts for Leopard. Complete instruction from QuickTime introductory video to sample Xcode


Apple is reaching out to developers with more than 30 Coding Headstarts. This series of instructional materials includes intro videos, step-by-step lesson guides and sample Xcode projects. The goal is to learn now to create new and compelling features in your application using technologies found only in Mac OS X Leopard, Apple’s latest Mac operating system.

The latest 10 new Coding Headstarts added to the series include:

  • Cocoa Controls
  • Previewing Documents with Quick Look
  • Writing a Spotlight Importer
  • Accelerating your Drawing Code with Quartz GL
  • Extending your Application with JavaScripCore
  • Improving Code Analysis with Instruments
  • Transitioning from Carbon to 64-bit Cocoa
  • Expanding your Code Options with RubyCocoa
  • Drawing Vector Graphics using Canvas
  • Optimizing Development with Xcode Organizer

ADC Online members can get started with the introductory videos, while lesson guides and sample Xcode projects require ADC Premier or Select membership.

To learn more go here.

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