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Frame Unveils Powerful New Supercomputer in the Cloud

Frame announces new more powerful option for cloud-based workstations. This new supercomputer option will please rendering folks.


Autodesk and Frame just put Revit on the Mac, Officially

As hinted at back when Architosh first spoke to Frame’s founder, Autodesk has officially backed certified versions of Autodesk Revit and AutoCAD for the Frame Cloud


Nikola Bozinovic talks to Architosh about Frame: What it can mean for Apple’s Mac Customers

A new cloud platform called Frame is emerging this year as the most powerful option to create, access and manage a virtual Windows workstation or virtual desktop in the cloud—from just about any modern web browser on any device. Recently Architosh spoke with Nikola Bozinovic, CEO of Frame, to discuss his company’s offering and the larger trend afoot in the IT industry and what impact it may have on Apple’s Mac customers.


Frame’s new cloud based ‘Frame Platform’ may shake-up the Mac app market

Frame’s technology has been employed at major Mac developer Adobe for quite some time, while major CAD companies like Siemens and Nemetschek have ongoing trials or studies behind the scenes.


Frame raises $10M to build the next generation of personal computing in the cloud

Frame started with the software vendors, like Adobe, but the company today has announced a $10 M funding round and release date for its Frame Personal and Frame Business end-user model launch in early July. The public beta will allow users to test out Frame’s technology for the first time without using the invite process which has been open for months.


Menlo Park based Frame aims to bring entire CAD industry to Cloud—Hence Mac and More!

The entire CAD industry is on the brink of a radical evolution and Frame, formerly MainFrame2, is at the leading edge of helping to usher in the new era.