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BritasMedia Announces Introduction of Architosh Web Site

CAMBRIDGE, Massachusetts — Feb 13, 1999 — BritasMedia, a design and digital media consultancy, announced today the introduction of The Architosh™ Site, a new website dedicated to architects and related-design professionals using the Macintosh computer platform. (

The mission of the site is simple: to provide the best and most comprehensive set of Internet resources for Macintosh-based architects. The site features numerous links to CAD, modeling, and rendering applications — including industry-specific AEC applications. In addition, there are pages devoted to news, pro-Mac advocacy, Mac OS X, the PowerPC microprocessor, an Architects’ listings, and an “ Associate” bookstore called ArchitoshBooks.

Although in its infancy, the site has garnered numerous praises for its scope, intentions, timeliness, and advocacy of the Macintosh platform, as well as its audience. The site’s publisher is requesting reader feedback and collecting ideas for the site’s future content. Architosh is especially sensitive to the ideas of Macintosh software companies who serve the architecture and design industries. Their feedback and sponsorship will be—and is—deeply appreciated, to enrich and invigorate this segment of the Macintosh software market.

BritasMedia was established in 1998 as a digital design consultancy focused on bringing value-added Internet design and development services to the architectural and AEC market. In addition to serving a wide client base of AEC professionals and educational institutions, BritasMedia also publishes the Architosh website, devoted to serving the information technology (IT) needs of Macintosh-based architects and AEC professionals worldwide.

About BritasMedia

BritasMedia, the publisher of the Architosh Web site, seeks your review and constructive feedback, in an effort to support Apple Computer’s Macintosh platform and Mac-based architects and AEC professionals worldwide. For more information, please send comments addressed to the appropriate address below.

Additional Note

Architosh today is not owned by a company named BritasMedia, which was resolved several years ago.

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