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In-Depth: Looking at FUZE with iPhone Collaboration

Callwave’s FUZE Meeting with its iPhone application takes online project collaboration to new levels of capability in high-definition video and in mobility for team members. This Product In-Depth goes into the details behind FUZE.

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With FUZE on the iPhone you can initiate and host a meeting as well as moderate conference calls, instantly and securely. FUZE on the iPhone has a visual interface that makes good use of the iPhone’s small screen. You could join a meeting on the iPhone inside of Safari but that would be pointless when you have FUZE for iPhone. FUZE for iPhone takes full advantage of the iPhone’s ground-breaking user interface features like double-tap for zoom in, drag with fingers, pinch, and “fit to zoom” — as well as auto-detect for the iPhone for screen sharing capability. Take a look at some of the captures below.

10 - FUZE on iPhone. Chatting.

8 - FUZE on iPhone. Chatting.

11 - Signing into FUZE on iPhone.

9 - Signing into FUZE on iPhone.

Performance on the iPhone is generally very robust if you have at least three solid bars. If you have four bars all the better. 

In regards to limits of FUZE on the iPhone and upcoming features, I asked if you could take a picture with the iPhone and then upload it into the FUZE meeting. Think of that, all your architects out there! Imagine being on site and conference calling into a meeting with other staff or a client and being able to show key items as they are being built or discovered out in the field?

12 - Joining a FUZE Meeting on iPhone.

10 - Joining a FUZE Meeting on iPhone.

13 - Sync'd devices with iPhone.

11 - Sync'd views with iPhone running FUZE.

That feature is coming up shortly, along with the ability to share HD images, documents, video and more from the iPhone.  

Closing Comments

Callwave’s FUZE is a highly innovative project collaboration software tool that represents the very latest trends in cutting edge software technology. The SaaS model (software as a service) is the trend that will continue to become an alternative standard for the delivery and consumption of software–especially for the plurality of Internet devices end-users are acquiring. 

Callwave uses Amazon’s S3 storage service for fast access to its user’s data. All your data gets uploaded and lives out in the cloud. The company has several different models for use, including a free service, subscription service, and models that include toll-free audio conference calling. At $29/month for the primary subscription, the online collaboration service is reasonable and very cost-competitive to other comparable offerings. 

To learn more about Callwave’s FUZE please visit them here.

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