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MWSF: Final Notes and the Miscellaneous

In our last Notes report on Macworld Expo we cover some nifty iPhone applications, a great new app called ModelBaker for iPhone development, and a business enterprise or small-business software tool for mixed platform (Mac/Win) studios and groups.


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Great iPhone Apps at Macworld Expo

There are numerous great new iPhone applications at Macworld Expo this year, not surprisingly. We already covered a winner from the show the new Daylite touch application by Marketcircle. Another hot product at the show was one called Fuze…online meetings made mobile. With FUZE on your iPhone you can break free of the conference room and take your meetings with you — the company says. 


FUZE for the iPhone provides a high-definition visual meeting interface on your iPhone in real-time. Instantly and securely you can “host” meetings on your iPhone with chat for coworkers, clients and friends and the ability to manage your IM contacts. The visual interface lets you see who is in the meeting and you can establish meetings using leading public IM networks such as AIM, MSN, Yahoo!, Google Talk and Cisco’s Jabber. To learn more click here.


Another great new iPhone application was Mariner Calc for iPhone. Mariner Software is a stalwart in the Mac software development world so it was not surprising at all to see them introduce a top-notch iPhone app. 


While Mariner Calc for iPhone is still in beta the product, the company claims, is breaking new ground in an iPhone application. View and edit native Excel files, support for multiple spreadsheets, charts and object support and 1 million by 32k row and column support. It will feature split planes, vertical and horizontal and show selection support in the user-interface (UI).


Another top-notch business and personal computing application now available in iPhone and iPod touch form is Omnigroup’s OmniFocus for iPhone. With OmniFocus you get professional-grade personal task management that can be synced with multiple Macs and an iPhone or iPod touch or both using MobileMe syncing services from Apple or a WebDav server of your choice.
OmniFocus for iPhone and iPod touch.

OmniFocus for iPhone and iPod touch.

Alternatively you can run OmniFocus for iPhone or iPod touch just on that device alone as an independent app with its own database. Other great apps from this developer include OmniPlan for project management (an alternative for Microsoft Project) and OmniWeb, OmniOutliner and OmniDiskSweeper. 


If you are thinking that all these 15,000+ iPhone apps are great and all but you still don’t see the iPhone application you really want — perhaps it’s time you build it yourself. And for that Macworld Expo introduced ModelBaker, by WidgetPress


ModelBaker by WidgetPress. Easy iPhone and Web 2.0 App development made very very simple. The Apple way!

ModelBaker by WidgetPress. Easy iPhone and Web 2.0 App development made very very simple. The Apple way!

ModelBaker sounds like an OpenGL or rendering tool but it’s not! It’s a new tool for software development geared towards complete novices to programming. Experience with HTML, FileMaker databases or Flash driven Web sites will likely help you but even if you don’t have that experience ModelBaker can still be approachable. 


ModelBaker is a modern rapid application development tool (RAD tool). With it create Web apps (Web 2.0), iPhone apps, and AJAX apps. It has built-in MySQL database support. It  even supports Google Android mobiles. There is a free 30-day trial version available. 
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