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SIG: OTOY to demonstrate first-ever, room-sized Light Field in VR at SIGGRAPH

OTOY is planning on repeating their last year’s success at SIGGRAPH 2014 and will be showing off their new holographic light field rendering, powered by OTOY technologies, live 360-degree avatar scanning for VR, 16K video pipeline and the first ever hands-on OctaneRender 3.


Last year in Los Angeles at SIGGRAPH, Cloud graphics company, OTOY Inc., marked a major milestone in the future of media and entertainment, unveiling a holographic video pipeline for content creators, including the world’s first portable 360 holographic capture system and a cloud-based pipeline for creating and deploying holographic media to virtual reality.

This year at SIGGRAPH, they are hoping to do it again, and make sure you spare some time for the OTOY booth to get a demo from the company’s founder and CEO, Jules Urbach.

A new holographic light field rendering pipeline powered by OTOY technologies

OTOY will be showing off the first-ever demonstration of a navigable, room-sized light field in VR, along with other examples that show the pipeline in action consisting of OTOY’s light field camera array or LightStage technology to capture real-world content, OctaneRender for creating synesthetic content, OctaneRender Cloud for seamlessly and rapidly producing the rendered output, and OTOY’s ORBX Media Player for viewing the experience on PC or using a VR head-mounted display. 

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This pipeline has been used internally by OTOY to produce stunning VR works already for studios like Warner Bros.

Live 360-degree avatar scanning for VR using OTOY’s ORBX Media Server

Bundled with the ORBX Media Player, the ORBX Media Server enables human-sized avatar scanning to create a live representation of yourself in a VR scene that mirrors your actions in the real-world.

01 - OTOY unveils holographic video, plans for commercial holographic display in 2015

01 – OTOY unveils holographic video, plans for commercial holographic display in 2015

The avatar scanning can be combined with other technologies such as LightStage face scans and computer-generated bodies or avatars, and will allow you to interact with others in the same room or over the Internet.

16K video pipeline powered by OTOY technologies

OTOY will show off 16K video at its booth on a 16K video wall. Using OctaneRender to create scenes, OctaneRender Cloud for quick and easy rendering, and the ORBX Media Player for playback, the pipeline demonstrates how even the most demanding future media standards can be handled easily and economically today by existing OTOY technologies.

The first-ever hands-on of OctaneRender 3

At the OTOY booth we’ll be letting users try out OctaneRender 3 for the first time ever, test driving the speed and efficiency of volumetric rendering for effects like smoke and fire. Jules will also be talking up other features in the forth coming version of the GPU renderer, as well as integration of OctaneRender Cloud allowing for offloading of scene rendering to the cloud.

OTOY will be in booth 845 at the LA convention Center.