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Event: Free webinar on Cloud Rendering with Maxwell Render

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Rendicity, a company we just recently wrote about that specializes in middleware software solutions for cloud rendering, is hosting a webinar this Thursday, 21 July 2016, titled, “Cloud Rendering with Maxwell Render.”

The webinar will offer expert advice from Philip Healy, the company’s CTO and professional with over a decade experience in parallel and distributed software development, and present a live demo of the Rendicity Wrangler in action with Maxwell Render, a global leader in high-quality 3D rendering. The webinar will then end with a question-and-answer session.

Cloud Rendering Webinar Details

The online event will benefit over 300,000 Maxwell Render users and will provide attendees with tips to better render Maxwell jobs in the cloud and to support any size studio to free up staff and machine involvement to saving time and money. “Our webinar will showcase Rendicity’s ability to deliver Maxwell architectural renders on time and on budget,” announces, Philip.

01 - Rendicity Wrangler shown in this image is used to setup and manage jobs.

01 – Rendicity Wrangler shown in this image is used to setup and manage jobs.

To overcome common rendering challenges, such as slow rendering and high maintenance costs, Philip explains that this software gives the user total control over cloud resources used. It means that they can customize their render farms, with desired type and number of machines, and manage it privately on an on-demand system. All this with an easy-to-use interface that allows any person to input their settings in a few minutes and render jobs faster then any other physical render farm.

Specifically, the webinar will focus on the following topics:

  • How to overcome rendering major challenges, meeting project schedules and eliminate risk related to outsourcing
  • How to create a customized render farm and render Maxwell jobs in the cloud using Rendicity’s wrangler

Rendicity’s webinars are free and open to the public. Those interested in watching should sign up at The event will host on Adobe Connect software and will be recorded and available for download on the company’s website afterward.